Stainless Charcoal – A source of Energy

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It is no secret that the African continent is the future, little wonder every other country, big company, or name wants to be associated with the continent of Africa businesswise.

We can fix market frictions when we look around us and try to solve problems, this is one of the reasons businesses are created.

There are many ways we can channel waste to produce energy, as well as make it sustainable. We present an example of how this can be done with the story of a young Ghanian, who ditches law school to focus on fixing market friction, turning coconut peels into stainless charcoal for energy production.

Coconut waste to Charcoal

So, why cut down trees when we can generate charcoal via other means? Let us protect our environment, plant more trees as these trees, like it or not, produces the oxygen we need as humans, taking in carbon dioxide which we produce when we breathe out, and the CO2 through other emissions. The trees create a toxic-free environment by reducing gas pollution and exposure to harmful chemicals.

There are various ways to produce clean energy, this is one example.

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