Leadership through the Lens of a Young African

There is a problem of questionable public leadership across many African countries. Not many of us are proud of the “leadership” in our country. While strong leadership exists in the private sector, it is still largely individualistic and not communal; that is, the benefits from such strong leadership are not felt by the wider society. Similarly, there’s a boom in the population young people across the continent (one-fifth or 20% of the population) but this has not translated into the capacity of young persons to occupy leadership roles that actually move the needle. The largest concentration of young people on earth is in Africa, but why are we not leading the change that we want to see? Why has the majority of young people been relegated to the background of commentary and road-side agitation?
Most of the great (popular) leaders we’ve had on the continent emerged in times of crisis. It would seem that the leadership foundation on the continent is reactionary; this is why when liberation is achieved, we all went back to being normal. One of the things I want us to achieve in this conversation is to identify triggers that have the potential to activate the pursuit of leadership among young people that is proactive. I’d want to see young people develop and execute leadership in non-crisis moments.


To lead is to cause people to go in a certain direction

A leader can cause people or society to move forward or backward. So it’s important to note that a leader may seem to have good intentions but is actually leading the society backward. This is why intentions are not enough to make one a leader, it is causative in nature. Let us not confuse leadership to DICTATORSHIP. Similar to it, a leader is not a “boss”. Leadership is a chain; there are leadership positions at different levels of the society such as family, street, community, state/region, country, and others. As a result, a good leader acknowledges that where his/her leadership ends is where another begins. A leader is someone with exemplary attributes; someone to emulate or to follow.
The problem today is that Africa cannot agree on who a leader is in real life. There’s a lack of or inadequacy of leadership education. As an overview, good leadership education should posit that:

  • Nobody is born a Leader
  • Because it is not innate (no one is born with it), leadership is acquired. Africa must begin by seeing leadership as another body of knowledge that must be passed on from one generation to another.
  • A good leader acknowledges and respects other good leaders.


Here’s an example of what leadership is NOT:

A young person that wants to provide clean, potable water to a community BUT s/he has been conditioned to believe that it requires being rich to achieve that.

Leadership requires you to mobilize the people and their resources to co-fund and co-develop the water project. It requires you to create a compelling vision of why this project essential; so compelling that majority of the members of the community can share in, become passionate about, and actively participate in bringing to fruition. Example of what leadership IS:

  • Leadership is developing oneself to such an exemplary status that other people in society begin to emulate your values and fighting to mainstream it (leadership is exemplary).
  • Leadership requires that the bearer transfer his/her own qualities to the next generation (leadership is educational).

“If you want to lead 1000 persons, lead by developing yourself very well (in mind, empathy, knowledge, and body); then do it 1000 times.”

Now, replace “person” with a farmer, student, child, families, village, town, nations, women, girl child, boy child, small business owner, orphan, widow, and on and on. That’s how we lead the change we want to see on the continent.
Attributes of good leadership

  • Servitude
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Ethical
  • Effectiveness
  • Academic qualification should come last


  • Prosperity based on inclusive growth: To succeed, you don’t need other people to fail.
  • Pan-Africanism: Lead with how your role integrates with other African nations.
  • Good governance: Begin with respect for human rights, and the rule of law
  • Peace & Security: How we can de-escalate tensions before they turn into crises (and often, into wars)
  • Empowerment of women and young people: Always remember that society is originally designed to be a man’s world. So, you must fight with every fiber of your being to unleash the potential of African women and young persons. Many studies have shown that two-thirds of a child’s learning outcome is determined by things learned at home; one-third is learned in schools and other formal learning centers. In many African societies, women are responsible for two-thirds of the child’s development; while teachers get paid for doing one-third of the work, mothers get nothing.

Challenges are natural opportunities for the emergence of great leadership. Any young person aspiring to lead should consider one or more of the following themes:

  • Quality education (Inter-personal development / socialization)
  • Poverty reduction (through rural development)
  • Gender equality (through socio-economic empowerment)

These three (3) themes can be further broken down into the following sub-theme:

  • Food security (climate change)
  • High-quality education
  • Heath services (primary healthcare/volunteerism)
  • Gender equality
  • Equal opportunity for all (social, racial, religious)
  • Infrastructure (transport, energy, water, and ICT)

Young persons in Africa make up one-fifth of her African population, why are we not moving the needle of positive change enough in our respective communities? We need a change!

Writen By Gabriel Eze – AI & ML Expert

Gabriel is an Engr. & Entrepreneur in Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, and Sustainable development facilitator for Agriculture, Health, Education, and Small Business sectors.

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Afro-Bloggers Convention (ABC) 2020

“The Danger of a single-sided story” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

My story has been one of ups and downs. It inspires me every day to move because I have no room for negative energies, and do not let people define me.

As the Great Chinua Achebe said “Nobody can teach me who I am. You can describe parts of me, but who I am – and what I need – is something I have to find out myself.”

Avoid letting people tell you who you are, the fact is, they know only a small piece from their own perspective which is one-sided and putting you in a confined box. This is a major reason to take part in the Afro-Bloggers convention and get yourself well informed. 

The Afro-Blogger Convention (ABC) is the coming together of bloggers of African descent from all over the world, who tell their story from their perspective, protecting the image of the continent and speaking with one voice to discuss and proffer solution to the issues of our community.

The second Afro-Bloggers Convention will take place online, on the 19 – 20 June 2020. The Topic is Re-information. It will be an interactive session with various speakers which will end with a panel discussion for both days. This is an event you cannot afford to miss!

The breakdown of the event is attached below.

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contact: info@afrobizgermany.com/ service@ogalady.com

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A view of some speakers for the event can be found below

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5 Golden Benefits of Home Office

Working from home has its implications and can be multifaceted like every decision we embark on. On the one hand, working from home enables the employee to manage time and spend more of it with family, creating a balanced life. On the other hand, it can become boring. From the perspective of the employer, it can save cost in the long-run of office space or extra expenses for location change of the employee, while contrary to the benefit of cost-saving, the employer can not tell what the employee is doing or if they are on track with the assignment given.
Today’s technology has provided the opportunity to benefit in a world of ever-changing flux. If you or your firm do not adapt to the changes, you may cease to exist as change is the only constant. I, therefore, present 5 golden benefits of the home office.

  1. Reduced Micromanaging: If you employ someone to do a job, let the person deliver on the assignment. Of course, you as an employer can expect updates on the progress report, the employee is bound to fill you in with updates and seek advice and information on matters that can lead to success in the implementation of assigned jobs or duties.
  2. Higher productivity: with the feeling of responsibility comes high productivity. Depending on what perspective you look at, the productivity rate is increased when each party (employer, employee, clients, stakeholders, etc) know what is expected of them. With the reduction of asymmetric information comes increased productivity as employees can effectively execute the job remotely or at home with available resources – in this case, technology.
  3. Time Management: A very important aspect of life is how you manage your time. Proper planning can improve home office success as you can allocate time for research, calls, meetings, appointments (teleconference or video-conference), care for the home-especially family time as children if applicable need attention too. Family time increases the likelihood of a balanced life as well as reduces stress in some cases.
  4. Increase in vital communication: As I mentioned above, communication can take various forms such as teleconferencing, video conferencing, chats/texts to improve work processes. The home office reduces the number of chitchats we would have as compared in the office setting.
  5. Geographic Limitation is removed: A company can employ staff from around the world/globe who do not need to travel from their location, thereby reducing relocation costs and saving money for the company. From an employee perspective, the employee can relax in his or her comfort zone and focus on work. Less travel time (save time), reduced rush hours and traffic on the roads or in trains, the environment gains with less pollution from public and private transportation systems as people reduce their carbon footprints.

However, one very important negative impact of home office that should be avoided at all costs is ISOLATION. Since humans are social beings and not computers, too long isolation can lead to a negative effect on health. A balance of human contact and connection is necessary (I do not mean social media). For example, go for a run, or a walk, take in the sunlight and fresh air, drop your gadgets, and talk to someone else in person.

Working from home is a great opportunity to manage your time and succeed in any aspect of life if the advantages are properly utilized.

Update on “Talent Mine” Project.

Talent Mine is a project in Nigeria where out-of-school children are offered free-tuition school. A basic education center to bridge the gap that exists. We currently have 26 children between the ages 3 and 16 whose parents are unable to pay for their school and the number is growing as they see the gains in mentorship and we have experienced a huge mind-shift with these kids as they have the opportunity to make better-informed decisions and add value to the world in their own capacity.

Through our on-going crowdfunding, we provide the basics to make the education process interesting. The first pay-out was used to purchase schoolbags for the children. You need to see the joy on their faces. We say thank you to those who have donated and request others to also donate.

We are happy to recieve your used laptops, tablets and old smart phones to teach and link the children to online training platforms like Afrolynk and others who wish to come on board, to enable them partake in the wealth of knowledge.

we will keep you informed of the every progress. In the main time, stay safe and healthy!

Below is a video of the children in a joyful mood. You too can add smiles on others, no matter how little.

Joyful children


Education center donation. We Teach, we Lead by example and we Impact one community at a time.


Service to Humanity

What better way to solve a problem than to eliminate the root cause?

In The Genius in Every Child, I stated that every child is unique in their own way and should be given the creative space to grow and know themselves by being curious and practicalize their knowledge.

Aramide Akintimehin @_aralola is building future leaders doing just that and in a special way too. She created a Free-tuition school for out-of-school children in Nigeria. She is the founder of Talent Mine Academy which provides basic education for children whose parents are unable to afford school fees.

In Nigeria, there are more than 10.2 – 13.2 million out-of-school children (UBEC Report). These children are from low-income communities of the country. 

In order to reduce the number of out-of-school children, and to give these children a chance to basic education, Aramide is giving her time to educate them on Saturdays. The children are eager to learn and she is ready to teach, providing the basic education they require to improve their chances for a better future.

According to Aramide, education should be less of a mechanical or industrial process and more of engaging with human curiosity, imagination, and creativity.

Talent Mine Academy (TMA) is a free-tuition school that focuses on life skills, digital skills, basic numeracy, and mentorship programs. The aim of Talent Mine Academy is to provide quality and inclusive education to out-of-school children in low-income communities, with hopes to close the gap that exists in our current education system. To grow this initiative, more volunteers, collaborators, and facilitators are required to enable these children to become better versions of themselves. People learn better with ease when they have mentors to guide them, and so far we have had volunteers come to mentor these children, we are indeed grateful.

“The child that was once identified as a dullard, slow learner and one having ‘spiritual issues’ is now one of the most confident pupils in my classroom and also one of the teaching assistants in class just because he had a teacher who paid attention to his learning needs and most importantly believed in him. I believe every child; if given the right combination of tools, love, support, attention, and motivation can thrive in this dynamic world.” – Aramide Akintimehin

Below is a video from League of extraordinary Nigerians about Aramide’s story detailing her experience and success stories. To enable Talent Mine Academy (TMA) acquire stationaries, laptops, different furniture and other equipment to boost the learning experience of the students, donations will be appreciated.

As we know, the best way to predict the future is to create it.


Education center donation. We Teach, we Lead by example and we Impact one community at a time.


You are Limitless

Do you realise that you can achieve more, when you do not limit yourself?

Here is a Medical doctor who shows us that there is more to life than living a routine. His name is Dr. Gbadamosi Adefemi popularly known through his art work as Fola David.

Like every Nigerian parent, his parent made sure he went to school and focused on becoming a medical doctor. While at medical school, he found out his talent in drawing and dived into it, continously practicing and attending shows to boost his skills.

You can be a project manager, a HR personnel or manager, an accountant, a Tech wiz, a Sales personnel, and so on, in any company and still have a passion for something entirely different from your job. It could be a hidden talent, you need to find out by hannessing that skill, perhaps it could add some joy to your life (Monitizing your passion or build a business) or you can use it to help people around you (a solution to a problem).

Never limit yourself by allowing anyone to limit or define you. Take the lead and show the world the greatness within you.

Below is a video of Fola David the Artist and Doctor.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Take Calculated Risks!

If you don’t move or take a step, you may not see the opportunity around the corner.

It is always better to take action than do nothing. You are responsible for your actions which make up 90% of what happens to you in life.

As the year 2019 comes to an end, I am grateful for the opportunity given me to serve and open to better opportunities to offer more services in the coming year.
The best way to learn is by doing, therefore, I urge you to learn a new skill on the job or on your own and improve yourself.

Show appreciation and be openminded. Take time to think through any situation or problem. Think before you act, there are various ways to analyze and solve a problem. The craziest idea may be the best solution. Do your research and take calculated risks.

Looking forward to more opportunities, cooperation and partnerships in 2020.
Enjoy the holidays and a joyous New Year.

Positive Mind

The power to choose is yours for the taking, although a lot of people are governed by fear and let others decide for them. When you do that, you let yourself down because you are the only one who can decide right for yourself.

A positive mind is open to possibilities, and it is the bedrock for success. Positive thinking allows you see what others don’t see.

Imagine a situation where business ideas are discussed, SWOT analysis is done. It does not matter if it is over tea, beer, coffee or in a conference room. What matters is, the potential of creative ideas that can generate wealth is discussed.

When I notice negative people, I can tell, simply because as humans we are spiritual beings. what I do in such times is to cut off from them, since negative energy can become toxic, and it takes a lot of energy to correct someone who is negative minded.

Connectivity starts from within you

Humans are more connected than IoT (Internet of Things). You can only feel it if you are connected with yourself first. A lot of people are just existing and not living. Sometimes, you need to drop your phones and gadgets and feel the environment to connect. We have energy all around us.

Deep in you, lies the power to connect to the universe. Do you want to change your job? Search and you will find what you want. You want to change your life, change how you think and things will fall in place. It takes displine to understand oneself, and when you do, nothing is impossible. Be creative, you are here for a reason. Dare to do more and impress yourself.

Stay Positive!