The Value of Time

Time management is one concept people tend to take for granted. Your life itself is a project, Why? You have a time frame; a time of birth and time you will die. It is nothing personal, that’s the way nature works.

The question is, What is Your Time Worth?

At your workplace, what value do you add to the company? As a person, what value do you add to your life? How open are you to learning new things and taking up new challenges? How do you embrace change? What effect do you have on clients? How do you impact on co-workers?

To be successful in any project, time is important. Time will determine if you spend more on cost or less.

Being open to learning is a vital tool for anyone willing to adapt to change. Never say never, Time is limitless and so is the human mind. Nothing is impossible, therefore, use your time well.




The World’s First Gaming Robots

The First-ever gaming robot in the world has been created by Silas Adekunle. Silas is the CEO and founder of Reach Robotics, a unique company that produces innovative and interactive robots with the aim to entertain, educate and inspire people, the first of its kind to exist.

Reach Robotics was founded in 2013, a company that combines augumented reality (AR) and gaming to perform functions. In 2017, the first world’s gaming robot MekaMon was created. Part of the unique abilities of Mekamon lies in the customizable characteristics and personalised funtions of the gaming bot.

The initial lunch of Mekamon sold 500 bots generating $7.5 Million and with this success, came many other grants and partnership, one of which was the deal Silas closed with Apple Inc. securing exclusive sales on Apple stores.

Silas Adekunle is the highest paid robotics engineer in the world and also known as the smartest robotics engineer in the world. He is listed on 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 Europe: Technology.

Adekunle told Forbes in an interview that “Early customers skew towards male techies but a growing number of parents are buying the robots for their children to get them interested in STEM

On May 13th 2019, ReachEdu the latest app used to fully control MekaMon through line-programing was lunched.

Silas Adekunle is a Nigerian putting the positive effect of utilizing an enabling environment to produce creative innovations. With four years’ background in robotics, he manages Prince’s Trusts “Robotics in Schools” program in Bristols and in partnership with UWE. In addition, he heads a team of engineering students, encouraging young students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

In the video below he tells more about his journey and the product mekaMon.

The Importance of Education, the story of Nike Okundaye

What is Education?

From a simple point of view, Education refers to a method of knowledge transfer, be it learning by doing, by looking, by listening which can be given in different forms. For example, through storytelling, training, discussions, research, mentorship and the likes.

It is interesting to note, that the first kind of education you get, is the knowledge of your immediate environment, which is mostly gotten from family. What kind of training do we pass on knowingly or unconsciously?

About Nike Okundaye

Nike, a 68 years old expert in Nigerian textile, a woman who has successfully run her enterprise for 20 years. She promotes the Yoruba culture through her Art enterprise, by making the ‘Adire’ attire.

Nike has traveled to the United States of America and Europe giving lectures and training people on textile making. Her education came from her environment where she grew up, with traditional weaving and dying as practiced in her home town Ogidi, Kogi State. With that focus knowledge, she has trained more than 3000 Nigerians in her art gallery and expose them to see the beauty and fulfilment in creative art. Her gallery, ‘Nike Art Gallery’ is well known for preserving the beauty of the Yoruba tradition, thereby educating people on the importance of culture and Knowlege transfer.

In addition to her achievements, she is the founder and director of four art centers comprising 7000 artworks, where free training on visual, musical, and performing arts are offered to more than 150 young artists. Nike is a living piece of her artwork as she showcases her gallant gele styles and reflection of love for her culture.

The art expert has been honored with several titles including “Yeye Oba” of Ogidi Ijumu land, The “Yeye Tasase” of Osogbo land and “Yeye Gbasaga” of Ijumu Kingdom.

There is a lot to learn as we journey through life. Make use of your talent, and always keep in mind, that educating yourself has nothing to do with gathering papers.

Find your Focus

Jonah the crochet weaving prodigy

Jonah was 6 months old baby when he was adopted from an Ethiopian orphanage home, the home where he was sheltered and cared for by loving people. At age 5, he taught himself how to crochet weave and has since then become perfect to the extent of challenging grand mothers who crochet weave.

He has at eleven years old, become a leader in the crochet world, connecting so many people around the world sharing love. With his magical hands, he has weaved different lovely styles, hats, scarfs, etc which has turned into a profitable business.

Without forgetting “Roots Ethiopia”, he started a GoFundMe for the children in the Ethiopian orphanage where he came from to give back to the society.

Finding what you are good at, and focusing on it, can in the future lead to a profitable venture. Like Jonah, find yours and make it happen with consistency.

Below is a Fb video from ‘Now This’ showing more interesting information on Jonah, you have no choice than to love him more.

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How do you like your dress to fit?

Life can be likened to this dress because this dress can be worn in different ways, according to the taste of the owner.

So is your life, wear it the way it suits you and not how someone else expects you to live it. Be the driver of your life, make your decisions and face the consequences good or bad.

To be successful, you have to fail, it’s part of the process. At the end, you smash the look as persistence is the dress your wear to keep you going.

No one’s life is the best, cherish your loved ones, your family, friends and all you come across on the path of life.

Dress up and show up for the occasion, ready to win!

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Esther Okade Ph.D Before age 15

When you were six years old, what were your thoughts?

Esther Okade, a young Nigerian girl who plans to bag her Ph.D. before age 15 is beyond talented.

Esther was home-schooled by her mother Efe Okade from the age of three when her mother noticed her love for numbers. The Genius in every child is something that must not be taken for granted.

At age six, most kids would rather play with toys and watch their favorite cartoons, not so for this young smart and bright kid, Esther Okade sat for her GCSE, an exam generally taken by kids between 14-16 and had a C. A year later she outdid her self and got an A grade she wanted.

In 2015, at age 10, Okade enrolled into an open university (UK-based distance learning college) for a university Maths course and made straight A’s, top of her class and youngest undergraduate student in the country.
She told CNN that her mum taught her in a nice way and it was very easy to understand the theories and complex numbers. She wrote a math series workbook for kids titled ‘Yummy Yummy Algebra’ and wants to have her Ph.D. in Financial maths at age 13 plus own a bank at age 15 because she likes numbers and people and banking is a great way to help people.

She said “I want to (finish the course) in two years. Then I’m going to do my PhD in financial maths when I’m 13. I want to have my own bank by the time I’m 15 because I like numbers and I like people and banking is a great way to help people.”


“To eat is one thing, but to eat intelligently; That is the Art of Nutrition”
Oyetolani Olaoye-Fasehun RD

If you have someone around you, who just gave birth, or you are a pregnant woman, a pregnant man. Oh sorry! I mean a man with a pregnant woman…, or better still; You might just have this information for yourself. Either way, this information will come in handy for you, let’s dive into the topic!

First things first, what is Lactation?

Lactating is Breastfeeding simply put! In scientific terms, it is a natural physiological process of the female mammals that occurs in the post-partum period (after delivery), when a mother’s breast discharge milk and suckles her offspring (please don’t worry your head about that).

Why is this Stage important?

Do you know that milk secreted by a breastfeeding mother is all that is needed to fulfill her infants ENTIRE NUTRIENT AND CALORIE NEEDS TO GROW for the 1st 6 MONTHS OF LIFE! This is the MOST CRITICAL STAGE IN THE LIFE CYCLE… When an infant’s growth rate and Nutrient needs are lifetime high!!!

So, when you see a mother breastfeeding her baby, do not feel iritated because your mother did thesame thing for you to survive!

Breast of course! Ok. Breast milk comes majorly from the Mothers Diet and Nutrient stored up in her body. So you better watch what you eat!

Every human body stores up nutrient regularly. The body never uses up the entire nutrient from the foods we eat. Some are stored up for future use.
Part of the breast milk comes from the fat, protein, etc accumulation that the nursing mother has stored up during pregnancy. Usually, the body draws from these stores to produce milk when she starts breastfeeding.

These should help with easy weight loss (which many women crave after birth) if she also increases her activity level as she breastfeeds. This is a plus for overweight women. Excited?! I’m on your side!

Care must be taken, however, by underweight women who are not feeding well (you see, no hiding place)! If Adequate calorie intakes drop, a breastfeeding mother of BMI <18.5KG/m2, WON’T BE ABLE TO PRODUCE MILK FOR HER GROWING INFANT!
So what’s the way out? No worries help is underway!

Also Note that some mothers are not able to breastfeed for some other reasons, as their bodies may not produce the needed milk for the child. In this case, other methods advised by the Physician or Registered dietitian can be used.

Are there specific diets a nursing mother can take to encourage more milk production? No! There is no such food. Although many cultures believe certain foods like beer or garlic boost milk production, hmmm.

Scientifically, there is no evidenced research backing the myth that a type of food helps a woman produce more milk. Breast milk production is purely a physiologic process meaning it is natural. However, the psychological state e.g. stress, of a nursing mother can greatly determine if she lactates well or not.

Meanwhile, there is good evidence that certain substances in the mother’s food may pass into the breast milk and affect the infant positively or negatively (when in high dosage). Example:

Yes water! Water can perform wonders. A breastfeeding mother needs to take at least 3litres of water a day. Is that much? Don’t worry, you can make up your water needs from fruits like watermelon, orange, pineapple, apple, and you have to still drink water!

And ATTENTION, please! If you are breastfeeding and you are not producing enough milk, Milk production has nothing to do with breast size!
So let me ask you; Are you drinking lots of Water? What about your fluid intake in beverages, pepper soups, and soft diets, are they included in your diet? Ehennn. You see?

On a Final note,

A second major mineral is Calcium, which the mother needs to replenish the lost calcium at pregnancy and lactation, to avoid the danger of future bone disorders like osteoporosis; Supplements may be used if the food source is unavailable but under the Physician or Registered dietitians’ supervision.

Food sources of Calcium include Milk, yoghurts, fortified cereals, tofu and Salmon. Others include, fish, fortified grain, locust beans, white eyed beans, and brown rice which are highly essential here.

And finally, OMEGA 3 FATTY ACID is another big guy needed by the lactating mother! Where can you find that? In Fishes, like Mackerel, Salmon, Tuna, etc.
But sadly these are the kinds of food breastfeeding mothers don’t like eating. Please try!!!

And thanks for reading, did you learn something? Let us know in your comments below. Till we catch up on our gist later, Go, eat to live, don’t live to eat!

Think on your feet- 5 Best ways to answer questions on the Spot.

Have you ever been put on the spot and had to answer an unexpected question?

It is a different ball game when you prepare to give a presentation or lead a meeting or discussion, at least you get the chance to prepare your speech. When you have nothing prepared, it can be a challenge, and most times we find ourselves in such a position, what do you do?

Before we dive into the 5 best ways to think on your feet, there was this professor back in school who made us give presentations weekly, and he would ask very random questions. From his method of questioning, I realized that there are no ‘right or wrong’ answers. It depends on which angle you are looking at, and how well you can defend your point of view. Keeping that in mind, here are 5 best ways for you to scale through the spotlight and shine like a star in any situation:

  1. Repeat the Question: This may come as a shocker, but by repeating the question you help your brain process the words. This enables the brain to pick out the ‘point’ in the question and if you do not understand the question, do not be afraid to ask politely what the person is asking.
  2. Focus on the ‘POINT’ of the question: getting the meaning out of the question is your duty, therefore focus on the point of the question and give it your best shot by using your brain to give your answer. Like I mentioned above, if you are not sure of the question, ASK. If it is a meeting or discussion, then add your contribution to the best of your knowledge, remember it is no competition.
  3. Engage Others: People speak on what interests them in a conversation, therefore ask them questions to engage them, this helps to throw more light and give more information which you can buttress while giving your own contribution.
  4. Pause a while: When you are put on the spot, take your time to respond. Have a thoughtful face and start with ‘that is an intriguing question’. In the process, take a deep breath, gather your thoughts together and muster your courage. These tactics are also helpful during interviews.
  5. The ‘Yes’ Technique: There are people who will naturally criticize what you have said in a discussion or meeting either to make a point or find out if you truly understand what is being asked. In this kind of situation, forget about being defensive and say yes, then give more information if necessary, or possible ways it can be achieved if its a question on problem-solving, this way, you move the conversation forward in any discussion, especially in a scrum or Agile environments.

In Conclusion, be yourself and believe in what you say, that way you can easily explain your point to others without fear or favor. Also, note that no man is an island and we need to be open-minded to learn from others.

Iddris Sandu – the Cultural Architect

Iddris Sandu, a prodigy innovator and genius popularly known as a ‘Cultural Architect’ and the tech guru behind Uber, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

“The Universe is always talking to you. It’s up to you to decide if you will

a. Listen to it, b. Hear it, c. Experience it, d. Disregard it”…Iddris Sandu

Raised by his Ghanian mother, he speaks four languages, Akan, Hausa, English, and French.  He was taken to Ghana by his father at the age of 8 and his return to the USA was the same period the first iPhone was launched. This excited his curiosity “I just got super inspired. I thought – this device is going to change the world. The reason why the iPhone was so important was because it was the first time when regular consumers could develop for other regular consumers. Before, you really had to work at a tech company for multiple years to be able to offer any sort of input or to create an app. But Apple made it so mainstream. I knew it was the future.” he said.  When he was 10 years of age, he learned programming languages on his own for almost two years in Torrance public library where he got spotted by a Google employee, who decided to take him as an intern to work at Google’s headquarters. At 13 he was given the opportunity to program for the first time where he worked on the initial Google plus, Google blogger, and other infrastructural areas.


Young Iddris Sandu — TEC Leimert

15 years old Iddris wrote an app for his high school which gave students turn by turn navigation of their classrooms. Being the only school in California that had an app made by a student brought a lot of recognition for the school and eventually an honorary award by President Obama. At the same period, Iddris wrote an algorithm which he sold to Instagram. He also consulted for Snapchat when he was 18. He got engaged with Uber at 19 which marked another turning point in his career. He produced the algorithm ACDI (Autonomous Collision Detection Interface), which is a piece of software that monitors in 3D space, the hands of the driver, and the interface could adjust the control the driver had on the car (Self-driving Car).

His core aim is to bridge the gap between the informed and uninformed, decentralize technology and alter the bias which is currently in technology, thereby “leveling the playing field” between silicon valley and young communities of color.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

Photograph: Iddris Sandu at the “smart store”

In 2017, Nipsey Hussle spotted him working on an algorithm in a local Starbucks and three weeks down the line they collaborated and established the first-ever ‘smart store’ The Marathon Clothing Store at Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles. The online store continues.

Iddris has this to say on the importance of culture

“To all the tech giants out there. You ain’t cool without culture and the world really doesn’t revolve around you without culture. You should be working hand in hand with cultural influencers to build your platforms in the first place. You’re blinded to think you have an amazing standalone service. But like @michaelbjordan “NAH! F*CK THAT”. This is 2018. I’m encouraging all my people out there, THE TIME TO BUILD INFRASTRUCTURE IS NOW. We as a culture rarely own any technology infrastructure and If we do, it’s so mediocre. We need to build the next variations of these huge platforms. WE AS A CULTURE NEED TO REALIZE, WE NOT ONLY BUILD THE USER BASE UP BUT THAT WE CAN EQUALLY ESTABLISH OUR OWN POWERBASE. UNTIL WE REALIZE THIS NOTHING WILL CHANGE.
It’s not a diss’s a real song


Self-trust is very important and that I believe is what Iddris wants the younger generation to realize, by listening to the universe and God.

In an interview with hot 97, Iddris made it clear that ‘Self-hate’ is a business strategy which makes people think consuming is better than producing. He says we need to expose more young people to information which is far better than education because education can be out-dated while information keeps you updated with reality.

The next generation of leaders are definitely in Africa and with the right mentorship and guidance by people who look like them, they will make the right decisions to solve their problems and make the world a better place.

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