Climate change; the environmental pandemic

The earliest time known to man when the environment was completely green (best form and shape) was at creation. Humans and animals eat only fruits and green herbs. No single human activity at creation was toxic to the environment. Interestingly, God gave man the responsibility to care for the environment around him. With the fall […]

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Renewables – A Sustainable source of Energy

Renewable energy as a source of sustainable and reliable fuel has become a key means of achieving economic development with less negative impact on the climate and environment. Indeed, without fuel, heat, light, and power it is impossible to build or run the industries and cities that provide goods, jobs, and homes, nor enjoy the […]

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In addition, a 27yrs old HIV infected woman diagnosed during antenatal care, she was not eligible for anti-retroviral therapy but was therefore placed on black Cumin oil and honey mixture (10mls/3x daily).
Her repeat serology for HIV infection became negative with undetectable viral load, a whopping CD4 count of >750cells/πL!!! [Onifade et al]

Here, you see the effect of Black Seeds on microbes like Viruses is next to none.

However, Medicinal herbs like Cumin are safer with lesser side effects than conventional drugs.

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