Who are you?
There are fake people in the world, those who want to associate with you, only because of what they can gain from you. Be happy that you can assist that person or people in that little favor, be at alert as well,  not to be taken for granted.
Your identity is made up of your heritage, DNA, environment, what you watch and read.
A good number of people do not know who they are, some are intimidated by others. I met people who are afraid of crowd, thanks to the fear of attacks going on globally.
“Do not be constrained by your present reality” – Leonardo Da Vinci
You are a spiritual being. You can achieve whatever you set out to do, your only obstacle is YOU.
In Nigeria where I come from, every name has a meaning and the name of a child usually has a relation to the birth of the child or circumstances surrounding the child’s birth.
The name Chinelo means God does the thinking for his children. Children with this name are smart, they do a lot of thinking and act accordingly. It is funny these days, how people are brainwashed with the idea that they must have an English name to enter heaven- are you serious! That is nothing but a lie. Be proud of your name, be proud of who you are.
Below is a video by BBC of a Mother celebrated by her son, Filmmaker Adeyemi Michael. Her name is Abosede Afolashade (Afolashade means using wealth as crown on your head). She is dressed in traditional Yoruba apparel which affirms the uniqueness, pride and importance of culture.
Adeyemi Micheal, recounts that his family kept him rooted in his Nigerian culture, and his Identiy is secured. His mother taught him to understand, that when you know where you are coming from, it does not matter what part of the world you are in, you will know where you are headed.

You must know who you are, what your identity is, what you stand for, and no one can knock off your confidence.
In Igbo language they always say ‘onyeobula nwere chi nke ya’ – everyone has their guardian angel. Your ‘Chi’ makes you special, your destiny is unique, you need only to believe in yourself. Your identity is within you, no one can take it from you. Find out what your passion is, your ‘chi’ will guide you.

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