The Importance of Language

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Language is a culture, the effect of language cannot be overemphasized. It is a method of communication either by writing or speaking of a group of people or community and also a way to identify a group of people. If you want to understand the culture, way of life of a group of people or communicate effectively with them, it is best to learn their language.
Language is something that must be treasured and even as the world is already a global village, humans are still nomadic, migrating from one end of the earth to another, for whatever reason, be it business, adventure or the love of traveling, carrying along with them, their languages which is a culture and part of their identity.
Nigeria is more than a country, she should be a continent of her own in my opinion. Unique people with distinct identity, Nigeria has over 500 languages and in order to protect its languages, conscious millennials have taken the bull by the horn to educate others on the various languages, no wonder we have artists (musical and movie) showcasing these unique identities, Google and Facebook are not left out as they utilize AI to understand and translate these languages, more work still needed on that.
Young millennials have decided to come together and profer solution to the problem of less African languages to enhance communication on the social media platform for example on Twitter. This discussion will take place in Lagos Nigeria, from the 4th – 8th February 2019. For more information, see link African Languages: Unlocking Twitter’s Dwindling Growth
To buttress my point, here is a link to a small remote village in Turkey where whistling is a form of language, and I agree it should be protected. Whistling language

If you would like to learn a bit about the Igbo language, below is a youtube video which is a good start.


It is quite funny after learning a different language, you are asked to speak like a native. Well, hello! that you understand and speak a different language from yours is an advantage, native speaking is so unnecessary, what is important is, good communication exists, and growth is a continuous process.
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