The Importance of Education, the story of Nike Okundaye

What is Education?

From a simple point of view, Education refers to a method of knowledge transfer, be it learning by doing, by looking, by listening which can be given in different forms. For example, through storytelling, training, discussions, research, mentorship and the likes.

It is interesting to note, that the first kind of education you get, is the knowledge of your immediate environment, which is mostly gotten from family. What kind of training do we pass on knowingly or unconsciously?

About Nike Okundaye

Nike, a 68 years old expert in Nigerian textile, a woman who has successfully run her enterprise for 20 years. She promotes the Yoruba culture through her Art enterprise, by making the ‘Adire’ attire.

Nike has traveled to the United States of America and Europe giving lectures and training people on textile making. Her education came from her environment where she grew up, with traditional weaving and dying as practiced in her home town Ogidi, Kogi State. With that focus knowledge, she has trained more than 3000 Nigerians in her art gallery and expose them to see the beauty and fulfilment in creative art. Her gallery, ‘Nike Art Gallery’ is well known for preserving the beauty of the Yoruba tradition, thereby educating people on the importance of culture and Knowlege transfer.

In addition to her achievements, she is the founder and director of four art centers comprising 7000 artworks, where free training on visual, musical, and performing arts are offered to more than 150 young artists. Nike is a living piece of her artwork as she showcases her gallant gele styles and reflection of love for her culture.

The art expert has been honored with several titles including “Yeye Oba” of Ogidi Ijumu land, The “Yeye Tasase” of Osogbo land and “Yeye Gbasaga” of Ijumu Kingdom.

There is a lot to learn as we journey through life. Make use of your talent, and always keep in mind, that educating yourself has nothing to do with gathering papers.

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