Stereotypes and its unnecessity


Can  you imagine how people can be alike in so many ways and yet be so different?! The connection that exist between us is unimaginable. In my opinion, a person who has fear of others without trying to know them on a one-on-one conversation basis have a big problem with themselves, and don’t let that bother you. This is simply because, what others think of you is absolutely none of your business, what matters is what You think of yourself. Give yourself credit, appreciate yourself and above all, Love yourself.
Diversity is beautiful, experiencing other cultures broaden your mind to possibilities that shapes your life one way or the other. There are differences, yes! learn from it and teach about your difference so people also learn from you.
In Nigeria where I grew up, there are a lot of smart and intelligent people with great ideas, regardless of what culture or belief. These people tend to coexist.
Additionally, I met a friend who is Indian, he learnt about my culture and I was able to understand things about his, although some I still don’t understand, as one can’t absorb everything. Open mindedness and respect for other people’s religious belief  and culture are important.
Speaking on stereotypes, I remember traveling from my country to Germany and a friend of mine told me ‘Germans are racist’, my reply to her was – that is their business! Fast forward to living in Germany, some of them are, while some are quite the opposite, and guess what? They are afraid for no reason based on the news they watch and propaganda in politics coupled with religious fear. I also realized that those afraid of other people have not left their villages. I met a Jewish friend who said ‘Religion and Politics are for those who cannot think for themselves…I leave that for you to analyze.
We are humans first, get out of your little box, do interesting things, talk to people, get to know them first, ask hard questions and satisfy your curiosity, in the process impress yourself.

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5 thoughts on “Stereotypes and its unnecessity

  1. I’ll rather you tell very personal stories to build emotions. Everything about stereotypes could range cultural tyranny, where people are forced by social to live up to expectations just like the Joneses and end up hurting.
    Marriage is a cultural argument across the Mediterranean divide. Do people end up hurting just to fit in? Do people have to be abroad just to look big? Why does the Europeans think less about commitment to unnecessary issues, unquestionably regards important in Africa?
    I guess my two-cents might even sound like stereotype! Lol!

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