FOCUS and not AID


Why waste money importing food when you have the best fertile lands and climate to produce food for your population?
why waste money on weapons, when you can waste it on developing your nation’s intel?
Burkina Faso thrived under President Thomas Sankara in four years, without aid from France. Burkina Faso can do it a million times again without aid!
Focus on your strength together, for only then can you achieve your goals as a Nation. Team work pays. No Nation that fights its citizens can stand the test of time.
Nigerian Diaspora remitted in 2018 a whooping sum of US $25 billion which is seven (7) times more than the total foreign aid (i.e the net official development assistance) received in 2017 of US$3.359 billion and report from the world bank organisation projects continuous increase of remittance into sub-saharan Africa.
We need Nature for food, shelter, and survival. On the other hand, nature needs us to be mindful of what we do, in order to protect us, nature always finds a balance. Plant more trees and cut less, let us protect nature to protect ourselves from extinction. Stop killing animals in mass, we need each other to survive.
It is time to be blind to aid and to focus on our inner strength. Let us work on improving the blockchain system to produce accountability in every sector, by so doing, corruption will be eradicated, poverty will be reduced.
Focus and not aid!

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