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So you think that corruption exists only in African countries?

Think again! This corruption exists also in Europe, America, Asia and other countries in their various continents.

Moses Acquah the founder of Afrolynk, an agile coach and innovation expert, with more than 13 years experience in the Tech industry and African startup eco-system, explains briefly in a short interview with DW, in the video below how corruption in Africa is being gradually eradicated

He further mentioned, that using the TIP (Technology, Innovation, and Policy) factor, things are changing with the use of technological tools to bridge the gap created by middlemen and with the right policies, this help reduces corruption as transparency is achieved in the value chain process. The African startups are disrupting the market, building businesses that directly affects the ‘needs’ of the people and creating that accountability lacking in the system by digitalizing the processes, hence, cutting down corruption.
Afrolynk is a digital network hub, that connects African and European startups ecosystems, linking entrepreneurs, investors, hubs, policymakers, and VCs.

What is Corruption?

Corruption is a fraudulent, dishonest and manipulative behavior of people in power, which generally involves a bribe (money, favor, etc) and in most cases leads to the marginalization of people, sometimes creating poverty.

Investment in Africa soaring higher

With the high rate of innovative startups in Africa, investment in these businesses will definitely create a win-win situation, as more jobs will be created as well as profit generated. The best part is, the needs of the people are met by a suited solution. Therefore, ready investors willing to take the vast opportunities in the future, as the world looks up to Africa, the potential therein is enormous, the time is now!

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