Are you getting enough Vitamin A?!

Could your constant suffering from Night blindness, Excessive dry skin, total blindness, poor growth, or impaired Immune system be due to a deficiency in vitamin A?

Ancient Greek and Egyptian physician Hippocrates recommended the consumption of Beef liver as a preventive and cure for Night blindness, a cure that still works up till today!
90% of body Vitamin A is found in the beef liver.

Although vitamins per se, was not discovered until the 20th century, Vitamin A was known for more than 3500 years as a factor NEEDED TO PREVENT NIGHT BLINDNESS.

As far back as the 1920s, researchers recognized that Vitamin A (mostly known as retinoic acid) was important for immune system functions.

They recognized that increased incidence of Infections was one of the first symptoms of Vitamin A deficiency.

This may be due, in part, because Vitamin A helps maintain the Epithelium, a barrier that protects the body against the entry of disease pathogens.

Vitamin A refers to preformed retinoids and provitamin A carotenoids, that can be converted to Vitamin A activity.
Kidney disease also increases the risk of its toxicity.
Therefore, it is advised you reduce Vit A intakes or supplements if you have kidney disease.

Although Vit A is mostly excreted in the urine if it reaches toxic levels in the body. Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for Vit A is 900πg for men and 700πg for women daily.

Carotene found in most Orange fleshed fruits e.g plums, carrots, orange, yellow yams, sweet potatoes, etc, is a good source of provitamin A.

Take a plate full Vitamin A rich foods today, boost your immune system to prevent the risk of viruses, Pathogens, and all forms Infections.

Till we catch up on our gist again,
Go, eat to live, don’t live to eat.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant is more than just a flower. It is a magical plant with so many healing powers beyond comprehension.

Sit back and read on, as I lay out some of its major qualities and capabilities this plant does and can do for you.

The Aloe Vera plant is green all year round and mostly found in the Tropical regions in the world.

It is very easy to maintain. Just like every plant, it helps in the purification of air. It can be used in your home or office to clear out formaldehyde and Benzene coming from chemically produced products like toys, paints, etc. In addition, it detoxifies the body, aiding the digestion process. Aloe Vera can be added to smoothies or water daily, a perfect way to assist the movement of our bowels and allow waste and toxins to leave our body system easily.

Note: Raw Aloe Vera is bitter and Very Healthy.

Raw Aloe Vera Gel

Ways to use Aloe Vera

The Real Aloe vera comes as a plant.

Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera plant is a magical plant that can be placed in the home or office. It is edible by mixing the gel in your smoothies or in your drinking water to aid digestion, easy waste and toxin removal from the body (detoxification). It is used to treat constipation as it has laxative effects.

Furthermore, Aloe vera supports and boosts the immune system. It reduces high blood pressure, improves blood quality, prevents kidney stones, helpful to diabetic patients to stimulate and stabilize the blood sugar. It reduces inflammation, menstrual pain, helps in weight loss, cures Asthma, and prevents cancer.

Aloe Vera can be used to treat blisters, insect bites, allergic reactions and more. It is used to cure gum issues and mouth ulcers as it possesses natural anti-bacterial and antimicrobial effects. It is nature’s first-aid plant.

The Aloe Vera Gel can be mixed with your body cream to improve your skin, as it hydrates the skin, possesses anti-aging properties and reduces wrinkles. It is used for sunburn, eczema and acne treatment.

It is super beneficial for hair growth. It has alkaline properties that help enhance the scalp and hair for proper growth. It can be applied directly to hair and good for all hair issues like dandruff, fungal infection, hair damage or itchy hair and more.

Aloe Vera is easy to maintain as it does not require daily watering. It helps improve the quality of air and a good plant to have around. Health is wealth, go get some Aloe Vera for your intake and experience the magic of nature.