Fashion Show

Interested in getting equipped as a professional model?
Then hurry up and join the coaching session of Soli Productions Management (SPM) Inc. which will be directed by SPM owner and creative director Solitha Shortte.
Soli Productions Management Inc is a modeling agency in Canada and will be in Germany for a 2 days workshop/ coaching session which will end up in a Fashion show, taking place as part of the entertainment session of the African Union Day conference on the 24th and 25th of May 2019. Click on the link for more information on the speakers.
The Fashion show workshops take place on the 22nd and 23rd of May, 2019 from 4:30pm to 7:00pm on both days.
The workshop provides you with the tools to:

  1. Develop a solid foundation for entry into the industry
  2. Perfect your Modeling skills
  3. Gain a competitive advantage in the market where first impressions move your individuality

The First-day covers ‘Runway & Confidence’

  • Command a good Posture
  • Learn to walk the runway & Know how to pose
  • Master strong facial expression and more.

The second-day covers ‘Industry Ethics, Posing and Building your portfolio’

  • Finding your angles for the perfect image
  • Learn how to pose in front of the camera
  • Learn how to get scouted on social platforms
  • Find castings and jobs on Instagram
  • Design your model proof social media profile and more
  • Perfect your walk your pose
  • Time in front of the camera
  • Build your portfolio images for distribution to agencies
  • Construct your comp card for casting calls
  • Summary of previous sessions.

This will lead up to the Runway show, which takes place on the 25th of May 2019.

Registration ends on the 17th of May 2019.
Venue: AfricanTide Competence Center Geschwister-Schollstr. 20, 44135 Dortmund.

Creativity – Be You

The best way to know yourself is to dare to move out of your comfort zone.
Everyone has that creative spot, you only have to ignite it by being yourself and the universe needs you to figure that out.
Creativity is not taught in school, most times it is self-taught and learning by doing. There are a lot of ways to learn, you can use the internet wisely by researching, by DIY (do it yourself) on youtube or google or other search engines, you can attend seminars and conferences to network and learn things that interests you.
Arts is beautiful and a good way to create something out of nothing. It can be in any form, for example, paintings, music, drawings, poetry, etc.
Furthermore, forget about following other people’s paths, create your own! and be the best version of yourself by doing what makes you happy.
In the video below is an example of phenomenal young women who moved out of their comfort zones to create things and to encourage other young people out there, especially young girls, that there is no such thing as IMPOSSIBLE.

Young Leaders

Everyone has something they are struggling with, and that should not bring you down at all. As a matter of fact, it should give you the opportunity to be better and to learn more of yourself, especially how you can help yourself and then extend that assistance to others.
Like I mentioned in the Genius in every Child, everyone has a gift, your uniqueness comes with what others call ‘deformity’, ignore them and be true to yourself. Just imagine, if everyone had the same characteristics, how boring the world would be!
Avoid negativity and negative people. You owe no one an apology for loving yourself. Learn to cut off those ideas that make you feel low, surround you with love and more love and you will definitely see the good in everyone no matter what part of the world they come from. Feed yourself with positive thoughts, feed your body with healthy food, challenge yourself every day and put a smile on someone’s face.
Young leaders are rising up and taking charge of their destiny, and this is possible because their parents help them to be the best of themselves. Never turn your child down, listen and motivate them.
King Nahh is a young leader, who is 11 years old and motivating people all around the world. He says, his greatest motivator is his father, this goes to show how important parents are to kids. At Little big shot, a Steve Harvey show King Nahh made it very clear that you should always ‘express yourself’.
Listen to this young Leader – King Nahh express what it means to grow and let go of things that inhibit your growth.

King Nahh made it clear in a video clip with Good morning America, that people who are mean to you, or bullies you, are going through abuse or some kind of misery. ‘Try to help them and communicate with them’. Attitude is evidence of Misery.


FOCUS and not AID

Why waste money importing food when you have the best fertile lands and climate to produce food for your population?
why waste money on weapons, when you can waste it on developing your nation’s intel?
Burkina Faso thrived under President Thomas Sankara in four years, without aid from France. Burkina Faso can do it a million times again without aid!
Focus on your strength together, for only then can you achieve your goals as a Nation. Team work pays. No Nation that fights its citizens can stand the test of time.
Nigerian Diaspora remitted in 2018 a whooping sum of US $25 billion which is seven (7) times more than the total foreign aid (i.e the net official development assistance) received in 2017 of US$3.359 billion and report from the world bank organisation projects continuous increase of remittance into sub-saharan Africa.
We need Nature for food, shelter, and survival. On the other hand, nature needs us to be mindful of what we do, in order to protect us, nature always finds a balance. Plant more trees and cut less, let us protect nature to protect ourselves from extinction. Stop killing animals in mass, we need each other to survive.
It is time to be blind to aid and to focus on our inner strength. Let us work on improving the blockchain system to produce accountability in every sector, by so doing, corruption will be eradicated, poverty will be reduced.
Focus and not aid!

Entreprenuerial support

The present generation has a different mindset compared to the usual norm of working life-long for a firm or organization. In my previous blog on “The Genius in every child”, I suggested that the system needs to embrace the changes, accepting the fact that every child (individual) is unique and the process of testing people based on the same criterion should stop.
The entrepreneurial mindset is required to create value used to uplift society, which is one that is most needed now than ever. This can be utilized both in a firm or organization level and on a personal growth level.
To achieve an impactful growth level, funds are necessary to put ideas into reality in order to solve problems. This is what most funding organizations, Angel funders or investors, and VCs (Venture Capitals) do.
In Zimbabwe, Strive Masiyiwa, the founder of Econet global and his spouse Tsitsi Masiyiwa are launching a $100M entrepreneurial rural fund to boost the development of the ReImagine area in Zimbabwe which will run for a period of five years.

Strive Masiyiwa and his spouse Tsitsi Masiyiwa

Strive is an example worth emulating as he follows the steps of the Tony Elumelu Foundation to support the entrepreneurial spirit of people with ideas that lead to development.
Capture - Econet
How the funding works are explained on his Facebook page, and below are a few of the insights
– 25% must be set aside for an area of Zimbabwe called Matabeleland;
– Women must get minimum 50%;
– Young people must be the focus;
– Traditional businesses like stores and grinding mills will be excluded. We want to see a new generation of businesses, to fulfill my dream of #ReImagineRural.
– Min: $1000, Max $10,000.
– No collateral;
– Maximum interest 5%;
– Repayments will go into revolving fund;
– All entrepreneurs must undergo training before loans;
– No political lobbying for support
I hereby call on more funding partners to support the different ideas from different African countries and Afroprenuers aiming to develop and solve the issues in their various countries while adding value to mankind.
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Investment in Africa

So you think that corruption exists only in African countries?

Think again! This corruption exists also in Europe, America, Asia and other countries in their various continents.

Moses Acquah the founder of Afrolynk, an agile coach and innovation expert, with more than 13 years experience in the Tech industry and African startup eco-system, explains briefly in a short interview with DW, in the video below how corruption in Africa is being gradually eradicated

He further mentioned, that using the TIP (Technology, Innovation, and Policy) factor, things are changing with the use of technological tools to bridge the gap created by middlemen and with the right policies, this help reduces corruption as transparency is achieved in the value chain process. The African startups are disrupting the market, building businesses that directly affects the ‘needs’ of the people and creating that accountability lacking in the system by digitalizing the processes, hence, cutting down corruption.
Afrolynk is a digital network hub, that connects African and European startups ecosystems, linking entrepreneurs, investors, hubs, policymakers, and VCs.

What is Corruption?

Corruption is a fraudulent, dishonest and manipulative behavior of people in power, which generally involves a bribe (money, favor, etc) and in most cases leads to the marginalization of people, sometimes creating poverty.

Investment in Africa soaring higher

With the high rate of innovative startups in Africa, investment in these businesses will definitely create a win-win situation, as more jobs will be created as well as profit generated. The best part is, the needs of the people are met by a suited solution. Therefore, ready investors willing to take the vast opportunities in the future, as the world looks up to Africa, the potential therein is enormous, the time is now!

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The Importance of Language

Language is a culture, the effect of language cannot be overemphasized. It is a method of communication either by writing or speaking of a group of people or community and also a way to identify a group of people. If you want to understand the culture, way of life of a group of people or communicate effectively with them, it is best to learn their language.
Language is something that must be treasured and even as the world is already a global village, humans are still nomadic, migrating from one end of the earth to another, for whatever reason, be it business, adventure or the love of traveling, carrying along with them, their languages which is a culture and part of their identity.
Nigeria is more than a country, she should be a continent of her own in my opinion. Unique people with distinct identity, Nigeria has over 500 languages and in order to protect its languages, conscious millennials have taken the bull by the horn to educate others on the various languages, no wonder we have artists (musical and movie) showcasing these unique identities, Google and Facebook are not left out as they utilize AI to understand and translate these languages, more work still needed on that.
Young millennials have decided to come together and profer solution to the problem of less African languages to enhance communication on the social media platform for example on Twitter. This discussion will take place in Lagos Nigeria, from the 4th – 8th February 2019. For more information, see link African Languages: Unlocking Twitter’s Dwindling Growth
To buttress my point, here is a link to a small remote village in Turkey where whistling is a form of language, and I agree it should be protected. Whistling language

If you would like to learn a bit about the Igbo language, below is a youtube video which is a good start.


It is quite funny after learning a different language, you are asked to speak like a native. Well, hello! that you understand and speak a different language from yours is an advantage, native speaking is so unnecessary, what is important is, good communication exists, and growth is a continuous process.
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The Genius in Every Child

Every child is born unique. Every child is special. Even if your child was born exactly nine (9) months, less than or more than nine months. Even if he or she was born normal or abnormal, small or big, blind or not, whatever the case may be, that baby has a special gift. It is the duty of the parent to guide the child in obtaining his or her potentials and not suppress the child.
The current school system and our present society is one that aims to deem the shine of children,  looking out to have flawless children, expecting the child to behave in a certain ‘programmed’ way. In reality, the full potential of a child is achieved when that child’s creativity is allowed to blossom with direction and guidance, rather than forceful deposition of lectures into the brain of a certain ‘theory’.
I have been opportune to work with children from various backgrounds and different countries, and it was amazing to watch how each child exhibits his or her creativity. Some are quiet and observant, some are thinkers, some are painters, most of them are curious. Immediately, I saw how diversity plays out and when it is time to play or work, they do it together without recalling the fact that they are from different countries or cultures.
Performance of a child is not by competition or grades. Most children who succeed in life are those who in one way or the other beat the odds and decide to leave their comfort zones to achieve their greater calling.
There are so many things school don’t teach, for example

  • How to think
  • How to build a career
  • How to start a business
  • How to sell
  • How to negotiate
  • How to be a good partner
  • How to manage time
  • How to face failure
  • How to invest money
  • How to handle money
  • How to communicate well
  • How to make an impact
  • Principles of success
  • The importance of Travelling
  • How to read a financial statement

It is, therefore, a greater task for parents to teach kids these life-skills, to love, to understand that failure is a stage in life that will pass, and help them learn from their mistakes, to enable the children to grow and know that they are great, as every child is a genius.