Positive Mind

The power to choose is yours for the taking, although a lot of people are governed by fear and let others decide for them. When you do that, you let yourself down because you are the only one who can decide right for yourself.

A positive mind is open to possibilities, and it is the bedrock for success. Positive thinking allows you see what others don’t see.

Imagine a situation where business ideas are discussed, SWOT analysis is done. It does not matter if it is over tea, beer, coffee or in a conference room. What matters is, the potential of creative ideas that can generate wealth is discussed.

When I notice negative people, I can tell, simply because as humans we are spiritual beings. what I do in such times is to cut off from them, since negative energy can become toxic, and it takes a lot of energy to correct someone who is negative minded.

Connectivity starts from within you

Humans are more connected than IoT (Internet of Things). You can only feel it if you are connected with yourself first. A lot of people are just existing and not living. Sometimes, you need to drop your phones and gadgets and feel the environment to connect. We have energy all around us.

Deep in you, lies the power to connect to the universe. Do you want to change your job? Search and you will find what you want. You want to change your life, change how you think and things will fall in place. It takes displine to understand oneself, and when you do, nothing is impossible. Be creative, you are here for a reason. Dare to do more and impress yourself.

Stay Positive!

Rural Farmers Hub

Digitally taking the Agricultural industry in Nigeria and Africa into the ICT world in order to reduce hunger is the best way to go, which will definitely benefit all stakeholders. Rather than Land grabbing and killing of inhabitants, a better solution is presented by Rural farmers Hub.

Rural Farmers Hub is an ICT-platform, a digital Agricultural Service firm, that provides ICT-driven Ag advisory to farmers and corporate partners.

The Rural Farmers Hub ICT platform increases market knowledge and instills farmers with higher confidence in comprehending the demand and boost the ability to control and manage production and supply chain.

Rural farmers Hub’s vision is to promote the sustainable economic development of smallholder farmers by attaining higher product yields via direct innovative information Technology (IT). For example, the provision of AI-driven e-Extention services to enable improved farming decisions and with connected access to inputs and markets.

Benefits of Joining Rural Farmers Hub

  • Increased product yields
  • Reduce Hunger
  • Increase farmer income
  • Massive job creation for the youthful population as resident extension agents
  • Advance software for remote sensing on farms
  • Data-driven production tips
  • A Digital market platform for transparency and trustworthy transactions
  • Digital payment, promote cashless payment and reduction in transport cost

An economy driven by precision agriculture, mobile tech and IoT, an attractive farming industry to young Africans and others, thereby creating the workforce to feed and care for the increasing population.

Rural Farmers Hub Agricultural Technology Suite Solutions

  1. Capture: A mobile application that allows resident agents to map fields and collect data using their smartphones or gadgets.
  2. UREKA: An Application that provides knowledge to farmers in agronomy, disease diagnosis, weather forecast in different popular local languages. It also provides realtime interaction between farmers and agronomists.
  3. BAYA: A market platform for producers to connect to buyers and suppliers and transact business online.
  4. MONIKA: A voucher application system to send and receive payments for inputs, produce, and all other transactions.

Rural Farmer Hubs trains resident agents on how to utilize remote sensing tools in UREKA for soil testing in order to support farmers with the right fertilizer type and quantity tailored to their soil and crop needs.

What are you waiting for? contact us at service@ogalady.com to join in this growing opportunity.

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