Company Selection-Apply

Do you want to find a lasting solution to an issue in your firm?

would you like to take your company to its next level?

Do you want to partner with transformative African start-up companies to eradicate your challenges?

Here is a chance to match-up with African Tech start-up companies that can provide you the needed product or service.

Afrolynk pre-conference needs and opportunity assessment is calling on European companies interested in partnership opportunities with African start-ups to apply. The aim of this process is to facilitate organizational improvements and knowledge sharing.  This process leads up to the Conference and Startup-Night on September 16th-20th.

What are the Benefits of Applying?

  • Exposure to African Startup ecosystem
  • Organizational improvement for your organization
  • Knowledge sharing


  • passionate about innovation
  • be a partner willing to commit to the matchmaking process
  • your company is working towards fulfilling SDG goals by use of technology

To apply, click on the link Call for Application

If you are an African Tech start-up click here to Apply

More information can be found here Afrolynk 2019 Cohort Program


About Afrolynk

Afrolynk is a non-governmental organization that links African entrepreneurs with European Entrepreneurs. The core areas of expertise revolve around Innovation, Connectivity, and Acceleration. Innovation deals with capacity building, projects, mentorship, and coaching. Connectivity is done via Networking events, Annual conferences and community meetup and acceleration is through new scaling of opportunities and disruptive technologies to grow.

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