Innovation and Nature by Hiwot

Climate change has been the recent discussion on the media and one can participate in the little way possible. To this effect, I think one method will be to create innovative ways that are sustainable and pro-nature, protecting the lives of both plants and animals rather than destroying them as we see in the massive use of plastics and rubber to mention a few.

Plate out of Leaf


Did you know you can eat from leaves?

Hiwot Schulte has made that possible. She has creatively devised a means to produce leaf plates in exchange for plastics. Leaves are natural, biodegradable and nature-friendly. They are made in such a way that the leaf plates are water-proof, for liquid food and durable.

Hiwot has her clients, a good business plan and solicits investors and supporters to partner with her in achieving the aim of protecting nature in her little way. The business has a large target market and keeps growing.

Ab Elfe1

Hiwot was born during the civil war in Ethiopia, her name Hiwot means ‘Life’. She was raised by her adopted parents in Brussels who gave her the name Annabel. She studied Arts and design, after her studies, she worked in different parts of Africa and Europe and speaks five (5) languages, French, English, and German to mention a few.

Hiwot Annabel Schulte is the Owner of Uneek24 an International TV Network, the founder and Managing director of Ujamaa Culture Center e.V. She is also the founder of Nature Friend. Her love for nature led her to research on alternative materials that are harmless to human and nature, which she combined with her vast knowledge of alternative medicines and industrial design.

Hiwot is creative and a lover of nature. She is passionate about life and has impacted man-kind is various ways. She is the author of  Ethiopia you are still young, One World Poetry, Agent 22, Why he can not go home, Ramadan, Stay with me and  What is love. Hiwot can be reached on

Leaves have been used for centuries in different parts of Africa and Asia particularly in India for different purposes as well as for eating. It has slowly come into Europe as we convince more persons of the importance of leaf plates. It is more than healthy to use leaves as opposed to plastics which are non-biodegradable, affecting animals as seen in the waterways and the oceans due to the high rate of pollution by plastics.

All the materials Hiwot uses for her leaf plate production are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Below is a video where she explains more about the leaf plate.



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