Violating Human laws

Recently, I wrote about Sangulani Chikumbutso  from Zimbabwe, the founder of Saith Technologies, the first to invent an electric car powered by radio frequency and a hybrid helicopter that can make use of six different types of fuel, to highlight a few of his innovations.

Sangulani’s Fully Electric Vehicle (FEV) has been said to be a controversial one because it goes against the ‘first and second laws of themodynamics’

My opinion is that we concentrate on technologies that are vital for our today world in terms of clean energy and development rather than on laws made by man which naturally can always change.

In regards to action that contradict or violate the laws of physics, below is a video from Jukin Media showing a man crossing the Lake Como in Italy with his bike on very high speed, and makes it to the other end of the shore without sinking.

The youths are thinking about possibilities and breaking records, moving away from fear and doing things that have been said to be impossible.

Challenge the Status quo!

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